Kiki - Dryness & Dehydration Wellness Pack



Beauty with Ceramides 60 Vegi Capsules
An exclusive new blend of 10 ingredients designed to support skin radiance and a brighter complexion from the inside out.
New Beauty with Ceramides capsules were developed to promote healthy skin, suppleness and elasticity. Bring out the natural glow of your skin with the help of this innovative new formula with naturally occurring plant-based phytoceramides, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Zinc and Biotin.
Krill Oil 30 Licaps
Each capsule contains 95mg Omega 3 which includes 50mg EPA and 28mg DHA. The krill oil is manufactured using an optimal multi-stage oil extraction process (MSO), which preserves krill oil’s natural qualities and ensures its freshness, and helps to promote everything from brain function and blood triglyceride levels to keeping cholesterol levels at bay.


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