Reflexology Feet or Hands

45 minutes $25
60 minutes $30

When the body is in a state of 'imbalance' energy pathways can be blocked, preventing the body from functioning effectively.  Gentle, precise movements on the feet or hands allows the whole body to relax and de-stress, restoring and maintaining the body’s natural equilibrium and encouraging healing.  Student practitioner rate applies until February 2022.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage

When Lymph Flows, Everything Else Flows

45 minutes $60
RLD is an award winning reflexology technique which focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet or hands. 
Our therapist has trained in the unique sequence that has been researched and developed by Welsh practitioner Sally Kay, https://www.reflexologylymphdr...  
Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is used to treat various issues and may help with Primary Lymphoedema, Secondary Lymphoedema, Lipoedema, Arthritis, Eczema, Fibromyalgia, Sinusitis, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines, Lupus, Psoriasis, IBS, Acne, Chronic Pain and more.  
Reflexology Lymph Drainage is based on MLD principles.

Facials & Facial Reflexology

High performing products are introduced to your skin to provide exceptional targeted results.  

The beauty of facial reflexology is the proximity of the face to the nervous system, the brain and spinal cord, allowing healing to occur plus the reflex massage on the face is extremely relaxing, aids circulation and reduces puffiness.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been in practice for thousands of years and has put in place hundreds of reflex points on the face.  Stimulating the areas of the face that correspond to the body's systems gives a beautifying and detoxifying effect to the skin.

45 minutes $60
60 minutes $99 

Reflexology stimulates the body's systems to bring balance and allows the body to heal itself


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