Global High Flow Acrylic Paint 250ml - Metallic Black



Global Colours High Flow line of acrylic paints is a professional quality, intensely pigmented low viscosity paint which offers incredible versatility and new creative opportunities.
This paint can be blended with extensive range of High Flow paints, as well as with Global Flow and Global Professional Impasto. It is light-fast, water resistant, fast drying, permanent, and completely flexible. It is self-levelling and contains no fillers/extenders. Use in a wide range of applications - liquid art, painting, drawing, staining, inking, airbrushing, mixed media and more.
A variety of applicators can be used including airbrush, refillable markers, dip pens, all types of brushes from fine line detail to broad strokes. This premium, archival range of Professional Artist Acrylic paints by Global Colours use only the highest quality pigments and ingredients. They have been formulated environmentally conscience so they are non-toxic and water-soluble.
All have the highest lightfastness so you can paint knowing that your artwork will stand the test of time and continue looking vibrant for years. Each acrylic paint is fully compatible with the range of Global Colours acrylics and mediums, working together to create a highly versatile painting system for all artists. This line of Professional Artist Acrylics can be used for exhibitions, commercial illustration, traditional art, realism, scenic art, folk art, or textile painting, coloured sculpture, block painting, or decoupage.
Ideal to use with pouring medium and string gel medium for those wanting to pour, puddle and drip their acrylic paints to create a liquid art effect.
Lead, chromium, and cadmium free and complies with Australian Standards ATSM D4236.


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