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Himalayan Salt Lamp - Large


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Himalayan salt is only found in the Himalayas and salt lamps are handcrafted from the natural mineral salt mined from the area.  Our salt lamps add a beautiful ambience to your home, work or business setting.  Size is approx 20cm x 25cm, weight approx. 4kgs.

It is said that negative ions are emitted when the salt crystals are heated by the lit bulb that is placed inside the lamp. These negative ions give the air a freshness that we liken to being by the sea.  As a result of the clean, fresh air you may notice a reduction in respiratory related problems, headaches and allergies and increased energy levels.  Another potential benefit is a reduced odour from cigarette smoke, mould and mildew. 

Salt lamps make an ideal night light for all ages.  We have 3 salt lamps in our home, one in the lounge, dining room and bedroom.  The low wattage bulb makes touching the lamp safe. Salt lamps are recommended for indoor use only, including: offices, wardrobes, at computer workstations, retail shops, restaurants, salons, medical clinics/waiting rooms, cafes, studios, hotels, motels, bnbs, lounge, bedrooms and passages to name a few!

Do not place the lamp on top of electrical appliances such as televisions and keep away from water as it can dissolve the salt if exposed to high humidity environments. 

We recommend leaving the lamp on continuously.  The brightness can be effectively controlled with the dimmer on the lead.  If you wish to turn off the lamp, wrap in a plastic bag and store in a dry place.  

To clean salt residue on the lamp try dusting occasionally with a lightly dampened doth.  Replacement bulbs are available. To replace the bulb, unplug the lamp and lie it on its side, gently pull out the base of the bulb holder and replace.

Our 240-volt Salt Lamps meet the New Zealand Electrical Standards requirements.  Each lamp is unique in its shape and will not necessarily be the one in the photo.

Does not include glass vase and lavender.


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