About Lyn and Mike..

Let The Beauty Of What You Love Be What You Do..  Rumi, 13th Century.

Lyn has been involved with the beauty industry from an early age.  She is passionate about achieving Healthy, Radiant Skin and is committed to sharing her knowledge and experience with clients.  "It gives me great pleasure to see my client's confidence soar when their skin is transformed" says Lyn.  Certified in Oncology Aesthetics, she completed her study through Oncology Training International (OTI), Canada.  Click here for more information.. 

Mike's the creator of wonderful essential oil blends! Our awesome Essential Oils are sourced from around the globe.  One of our favourites is Tamanu sourced from Vanuatu during our visit to the beautiful island. Tamanu Oil has an earthy aroma and is dubbed by locals as their 'miracle oil'.  

Mike and Lyn are New Zealand born and proud to be kiwis. 

Why did we choose Esse Probiotic Skincare?

Because, without microbes, your skin can’t perform its basic functions and the rate of skin ageing and concerns increases sharply. 

Your skin microbes were passed down to you by your Mother and have been shaped by millions of years of co-evolution and your current environment. Our modern lifestyle has not been kind to our skin microbes.  Many people are struggling with poor Gut Health and as a result, their precious skin is compromised.  Visible signs include inflammation, acne, sensitivity. 

This lead us on a voyage to find a product range that focused on improving the skin microbiome.
The product range would be proven by Science, be Organic, Cruelty Free and deliver real results without chemicals by restoring the skins integrity, reducing water loss and preventing the bad guys from colonising on the skin.  

Esse ticked all the boxes! 

Esse initially established itself in the nascent organic skincare market in South Africa.  In 2009, the company began its move into probiotic skincare.  Early findings from the Human Microbiome Project started to shift the conventional view of skin and Esse began to see skin as an ecology of human and microbial cells and the process of incorporating this new view into the formulation of its products began.

Esse creates an environment on the skin that favours the growth of beneficial microbes. It uses prebiotics to selectively feed good microbes and includes LIVE probiotic microbes in two of the serums to make functional changes to the skin’s microbiome.  Esse does not believe in damaging skin in pursuit of short-term results, it optimises skin health to slow ageing in the long-term.

To create the optimal skin condition depends on the probiotic microbes living on and in it. 

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